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Plainfield is a suburb that sits between cookie cutter homes and cornfields, only a one hour drive from Chicago. The idea of moving to the suburbs is to live a quiet, clean, and less chaotic life. Behind each new construction of subdivisions being built, I see the creation of more roads, homes, businesses, and entertainment center. 


What we fail to see is the destruction we have created. 


This ongoing 3 year project is an exploration, understanding, and documentation of our relentless invasion of our beautiful natural lands.  

Note: The background image you see will be used as a structure for a zine that will be incorporated into the finished book.

The zine will consist of transparent illustrations that will show the growth from a natural land, to its present state today. Each new layer will represent the growth of new homes, and roadways. Each new layer will represent one less river, lake, or forest. 

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